Nutrition Class, Meal Timing & Weight Loss & Waffles (Quick and Easy) @ The Grove Public Library

Watch part of Burke Eyecare’s nutrition class at the Grove Public Library. Caleen Burke, O.D. talked about plant based nutrition and how meal timings actually help with weight loss. Franklin demonstrated how to make the world’s easiest, crowd pleasing vegan waffles.

Dr. Caleen Burke talked about how eating breakfast helps with weight loss. She emphasized eating the heaviest meal in the morning and the lightest meal at night. She said that helps with weight loss, and she gave other principles of meal timings in her lecture as well.

Franklin demonstrated how to make his world famous, bachelor friendly, kid friendly, crowd pleasing, 4 ingredient waffles. These waffles take 6-8 minutes to make. Franklin normally uses at least two double flip waffle irons at the same time. That way, he can make 4 waffles within 8-10 (including the blending time). We also had homemade ice cream made from cashews and etc., and Dr. Caleen Burke talked about fruit sauce.

We also featured very informative videos on health from the Physician’s Committee of Responsible Medicine and from Dr. Baxter Montgomery.

Please spread the word about our upcoming event! Our classes present the principles designed to promote good health, and they are not intended to take the place of personalized professional care.

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