Q&A with Dr. Burke:

What got you interested in optometry?
I have a passion for optometry because of its ability to impact patients’ ocular and overall health. Eyes are the windows to health. They’re the only part of the body where you can see the blood vessels without any imaging or surgery. Taking a close look into our eyes enables me to spot conditions in ocular and overall health that could be life threatening. I use my pathology background to educate my patients on ocular and overall health, and I like seeing the progression from disease to health. Also, I get immediate satisfaction from seeing a person go from 20/400 vision to 20/20 vision and being able to see clearly.

What is your optometry background?
After graduating from NC State University with three bachelor’s degrees in microbiology, chemistry and biochemistry, I went to Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University) and graduated in 1994 with my doctorate in optometry.

How did you meet Dr. Corbett?
I knew of Dr. Corbett as a cornea specialist in Tulsa, and I had referred patients to him.

Why did you want Dr. Corbett to do cataract surgery for patients in Grove, OK?
I wanted him to do cataract surgery here in Grove because we had a need, and he is an excellent surgeon.

What has been the response of people that have had cataract surgery from Dr. Corbett?
Patients that I’ve referred to him for cataract surgery have been very pleased with his service, and they like the convenience of him being close to home.

How are people able to get cataract surgery in Grove?
The way the process works is that patients see me for a comprehensive eye examination. If they have a mature cataract and are in agreement with having it removed, I refer them to Dr. Corbett for cataract surgery. He and his staff come into Burke Eyecare and see the patients for a pre-operative evaluation. The surgery date gets scheduled, and then Dr. Corbett performs the surgery here in town at the Integris hospital. The patient then comes back to see me for all the post-operative visits starting the very next day.

Q&A with Dr. Corbett:

What got you interested in ophthalmology?
I became interested in ophthalmology during my 3rd year in medical school when I did my elective rotation. We had not had much previous exposure to ophthalmology prior to this, but I found it fascinating. I found that it had a good balance of medicine and surgery, and I was really drawn by the rapport that the doctors had with their patients as they developed long term relationships over the years. I also appreciate the precision and attention to detail ophthalmology requires as you are dealing with such a small and intricate part of the body. The technology that is part of the field is also constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, so the future is very exciting. Ophthalmology will likely look much different 5 to 10 years from now than it does today!

What is your ophthalmology background?
I went to medical school at the University of Oklahoma and did my Ophthalmology residency at the University of Colorado. I then subsequently did a fellowship at Tufts University in Boston to sub specialize in Cornea & Refractive Surgery and External Disease

Why have you wanted to come all the way from Tulsa to do cataract surgery in Grove, OK?
I have started to make the trip from Tulsa to Grove as I really enjoy doing cataract surgery, and I was made aware there was an unmet need for cataract surgeons in the local area. It’s a very quick and safe procedure that can make a huge impact on someone’s life when their visual quality has been restored. I am excited to work with the local eye care providers and Integris hospital to provide this service to patients and limit the amount of travel for them.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Karen Vance
Grove, OK

“Fabulous team. What a wonderful concept, and I know how well it works because I benefited from this team recently. So Thankful. And just so you know, Dr. Corbett is a highly regarded and sought after Ophthalmologist. Our community is so fortunate. Dr. Burke is the most thorough Optometrist I’ve ever been to. I love all the team.”

Terri Lloyd
Grove, OK

“This awesome team did my cataract surgery recently. Dr. Burke handled post-op care, and Dr. Corbett did the surgery at Integris Hospital. I could not have asked for better care.”

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