Back To School

A busy time of the year for parents, teachers and students.  We had quite a “Back to School” rush in our office as probably many other doctors offices all over the country.  It’s interesting, because I was getting quite a variety of sentiments being expressed as I asked the patients and/or parent and/or teacher if they were ready for school.  Most of the students, probably 99% were not.  Most of the parents, probably 100% were and the teachers were getting ready.  The results were not surprising by far.  What was so bad about going back to school?  Surely not the socialization, right?  Most of them had grown significantly over the summer!, especially the boys.  That’s certainly something to be happy about sharing with fellow students.  Maybe it was the dreaded math homework…not PE for sure.! Maybe it was getting up early and rushing off.  Maybe it was just the thought of not having as much time out doors in the sunlight,  in the pool or wherever.

In an article posted by the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians and shared on Burke Eyecare’s Facebook, it states that “Optometric physicians treat countless children every year that are falling behind in school or having difficulty reading, not because they can’t learn, but because they can’t see properly,” said OAOP President Dr. David Hall. “We can get a lot of those kids back on track, but it all starts with a comprehensive eye exam.” View Checklist Here. So a big thank you to all the parents and students and teachers who made the preparation for school by coming in and getting an eye exam before school started.  It’s not too late for others, some will not know they have a need until after school has begun.  Address those needs so your child does not fall behind.

Any questions or comments, feel free to give us a call, stop by or check out our Facebook page.  I wish you all a wonderful school year.  Don’t forget to get plenty of time in the sun!

Dr. C

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